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What is the difference between New Brunswick Nurses Union (NBNU) and Nurses Association of New Brunswick (NANB)?

The NANB and NBNU operate independently and have distinct responsibilities. Both groups, however, function with a similar structure:

  • Each has a governing body to set policy.
  • Each has office staff and committees made up of members to carry out the direction of the governing body.
  • In both cases, the members themselves control the direction of the bodies by electing members to a board of directors.

The role of NANB is to:

  • act as the licensing body for practicing nurses as mandated by the Nurses Act (1984) which outlines the areas for which the Association is responsible;
  • insure that professional standards are met through a registration and renewal process and a complaints and discipline process;
  • set standards for and approve schools of nursing;
  • promote professional ethics;
  • develop, establish, maintain and administer standards for its members in nursing practice education and continuing nursing education; and
  • advocate for the welfare of the public and the profession.

The role of NBNU is to:

  • advance, as a labour organization, the economic, social and general welfare of members and potential members;
  • negotiate the best collective agreements achievable between nurses and the employer, as well as enforcing the agreement;
  • achieving appropriate working conditions and promote high professional standards of practice so that nurses can provide the best attainable patient care;
  • represent nurses, providing education and influencing legislation; and
  • work, as needed, with NANB on various projects which further the position of nurses as a whole.
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