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What is a Grievance?

A grievance is a complaint lodged against the employer by one or more employees, in relation to an alleged violation of the collective agreement. It thus becomes a violation of an employee’s right under the collective agreement.

The grievance procedure is described in each collective agreement. It must be followed in order to present the grievance. Otherwise, the grievance may be rejected or the adjudicator may not have the authority to render a judgment.

If you let the employer violate your rights and the terms of the collective agreement, those rights can be lost. The employer’s inaccurate interpretation of the collective agreement can become a practice if not challenged or grievances are not presented.

The Importance of a Grievance

  • Your collective agreement is a contract binding all parties. Negotiated rights and obligations cannot, under any circumstances, be removed or modified.
  • A member may present a grievance when there is a violation of his/her collective agreement, and other options have not been successful.

If you have a grievance with your employer, please contact your Labour Relations Officer.

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