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Work Situation Reports / Professional Practice Committee

In order for the Union to help you, you need to take the first step by completing a Work Situation Report (WSR).

This report is meant to expedite an internal problem-solving process and make the employer aware of adverse work situations. The report should be completed and submitted as soon as possible after the conclusion of the shift that the nurse becomes aware of a work situation problem.

Where applicable, the nurse forwards the completed copy to the nurse manager or immediate supervisor, director of nursing and local union representative.

The Union representative reviews the report and takes the information to the next Professional Practice Committee meeting.

WHAT is a WSR?
It is a report that is the initial part of a problem solving process for an individual nurse(s) to inform the employer of a problem.

WHERE can you find the WSR?
Normally, the WSR is available on each unit and online in some facilities. If not, ask your local representative.

WHEN do you use a WSR?
It is used when there are work environment concerns, workload or other work-related problems that impact patient/resident safety or compromise your practice.

WHY would you use a WSR?
It is language contained in your collective agreement, intended to improve your work life. This tool enables your local president to address the problem at the professional practice committee.

HOW do you use a WSR?
Complete the WSR in a timely manner, providing all necessary and relevant facts. Forward it to your local president.

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