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NBNU Humanitarian/Disaster Relief Fund Worker to Worker Exchange



At the August 2014 NBNU Board of Directors meeting a motion was passed to start a fund from half the proceeds of the International Solidarity Auction that is held annually at the NBNU AGM.

By creating a NBNU Humanitarian/Disaster Relief Fund, the NBNU will be able to help support our members that choose to do humanitarian or disaster relief work in less fortunate countries around the world.  By recognizing the need for this fund, NBNU joins other labour unions across Canada which mobilize resources to support initiatives that foster solidarity with the disadvantaged, whether those disadvantaged by natural disaster or unfair social order.  The NBNU Humanitarian/Disaster Relief fund is meant to support worker to worker exchanges, provide humanitarian assistance and strengthen the capacity of workers to advance the right to health.


The NBNU Humanitarian/Disaster Relief Fund is governed by the NBNU Board of Directors.  Three members of the Board of Directors will be appointed to the NBNU Humanitarian/Disaster Relief Fund sub-committee, and their responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

  • To serve as an advisory committee to the full BOD of NBNU regarding the parameters and guidelines
  • To review and approve applications received from members making financial requests to participate in humanitarian efforts and disaster relief projects
  • Make recommendations to the BOD for specific projects and programs within the parameters approved

Administration of the Fund, and support to the committee will be carried out by the Manager, Finance and Human Resources, and an Administrative Assistant, as needed.


The NBNU Humanitarian/Disaster Relief Fund will be core funded through half the proceeds from the International Solidarity auction that is held annually at the NBNU Annual General Meeting.  These funds will be dedicated to humanitarian/disaster relief assistance worker to worker requests from NBNU members.


The sub-committee of the Humanitarian/Disaster Relief Fund will seek to support NBNU members annually to engage in missions abroad that provide humanitarian assistance or disaster relief with a recognized non-profit group, such as Doctors without Borders.  The amount of support will be determined based on annual fund income from the International Solidarity auction and the number of NBNU members that apply and meet criteria.

Members will be asked to submit their requests in writing and complete an application form. If chosen for financial assistance they will be asked to submit a written report to the committee on their experience abroad within 60 days of returning.

Annual decision-making criteria include strength of the application with preference given to first-time applicants. Balance will be sought with projects and applicants past requests and experience.

For travel, known to be occurring in a given year (ie. medical missions), applications for financial support must be received by December 31 of the year prior.

For travel, not known in advance (ie. sudden disaster relief), applications will be considered on an ad hoc basis.

In any instance, the maximum amount of financial support will be $500 per request.

NBNU member education and training or support to attend international conferences will not be funded through the NBNU International Solidarity Fund.

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