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Briefing entitled Access through Innovation: Maximizing Federal Mental Health Funding

(Tuesday July 18, 2017 – EDMONTON) – The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) co-hosted this morning a premiers’ breakfast briefing on mental healthcare with the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) and the Premier of Alberta as part of this week’s premiers’ summit in Edmonton.

The briefing featured two speakers who have dedicated much of their careers to improving mental health care in Canada. Hon. Michael Kirby is a former Senator and current Founding Chair of Partners for Mental Health, and Tazz Norris (a.k.a. Big Daddy Tazz) is a Canadian mental health motivational speaker.

The premiers heard statistics showing that 20% of Canadian children and youth will develop a mental illness by age 25, 43% of Canadians will experience a mental health problem or illness over the course of their lifetime, and 50% of family doctors’ time is spent addressing mental health issues or illnesses. As well, mental illness costs the Canadian economy upwards of $50 billion per year.

“Over the coming years, the federal government will invest over $5 billion in targeted funding for mental health services delivered by the provinces and territories,” said Linda Silas, President of the CFNU. “As nurses working with patients and families, we believe it is crucial that these public dollars be invested effectively on innovative approaches to improve access to appropriate mental health services.”


“The New Brunswick Nurses Union (NBNU) is pleased to see this investment by government in mental health,” said Paula Doucet, NBNU president. “As a registered nurse, I have witnessed firsthand the debilitating impact mental health problems can have on individuals if the appropriate supports are inaccessible. My hope is that our provincial government will strategically invest this targeted funding in community-based mental health services,” added Doucet.

“I have lived with the twin challenges of a diagnosed mental illness and the overwhelming stigma that accompanies mental illness,” said Tazz, who retold his struggles and triumphs with mental illness to premiers. “I can tell you from experience that Canadians are in desperate need of better, timelier access to quality and appropriate mental health services.”

“The most important, and cost-effective, innovation in mental health is to provide psychotherapy to all, starting with children and youth,” said Kirby, who briefed premiers on needed innovations to mental healthcare. “This innovation would enable young Canadians to overcome mental illness by early adulthood and, as a result, would save governments millions of dollars.” Kirby was Chair of the Senate Committee which authored the 2006 ground-breaking report Out of the Shadows: Transforming Mental Health, Mental Illness and Addiction Services in Canada.

“The CFNU will continue to work with federal, provincial and territorial governments to improve public healthcare services for all people living in Canada,” committed Silas.


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