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June 14th is World Blood Donor Day!

Take action to support keeping blood donations voluntary!

In honor of World Blood Donor Day on June 14th, the Canadian Health Coalition invites Canadians to help save a life and sign up to become blood and plasma donors. It’s in us all to give.

International health organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) have set the goal to have 100% of blood products collected from volunteer donors. However, Canada currently relies on paid US plasma donors to meet 70% of our need for plasma used to make medicines.

Our Federal government and some provinces have allowed a private, for-profit company to open its doors and pay people for their plasma. Canada is only the third country in the world to pay people for their plasma. This for-profit route jeopardizes Canada’s supply of plasma as clinics will sell Canadian plasma on the international market.

We are inviting you to show your support for voluntary blood donations this week. Please see below for our MP/MPP/MLA call-in script and our sample letter to the editor. Thank you for your action!

Contribute to this national campaign in 4 simple actions.

Call your MP/MLA/MPP’s riding office and follow this phone call template. You can find your MP’s local phone number here. 

Support our national campaign by adding a badge to your social media’s profile picture in one click. It’s as simple as it sounds. Click here to do it right away.  

Share your opinion with your local newspaper by submitting a letter to the editor. You can use this template. Read our guidelines and tips before you get writing.

Learn more about the facts of this important campaign here.

Don’t have the time to participate? We would still greatly appreciate your support.
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