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Government Announces that the Extra-Mural Program will move to Private Management by Medavie

The New Brunswick Nurses Union (NBNU) received an invitation yesterday notifying leadership of a government announcement regarding access to primary health care.  Paula Doucet, NBNU president, attended the press conference, which detailed that effective January 2018, New Brunswick’s crown jewel, the Extra-Mural Program, will move under private management by Medavie.

NBNU strongly opposes any privatization within our public health care system.

“Our number one priority is to ensure that EMP registered nurses are able to safely deliver quality health care services to every New Brunswicker in need,” said Paula Doucet. “NBNU will also be working with the various employers to hold them to provincial government’s promise that our members’ collective bargaining rights will be protected. Central to this promise is the ability for our EMP members to continue to have mobility rights between the regional health authorities and this new Part III entity,” added Doucet.

More information will be made available to EMP members in the coming week as NBNU continues to gather information.

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