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About The NBNU

Founded in 1978, the New Brunswick Nurses’ Union (NBNU) is a bilingual labour union representing over 6,900 Registered Nurses in New Brunswick hospitals, long term care facilities, nursing homes, and community nursing practices. NBNU is an open and democratic organization, which by its internal structure, promotes the participation of the maximum number of members in decision-making.

The NBNU’s Purpose

The New Brunswick Nurses Union (NBNU) is a labour organization of approximately 6900 members employed in various health care facilities throughout the province of New Brunswick. NBNU is dedicated to upholding and promoting the economic, social and professional interests of its members. The Union is an open and democratic organization which promotes, through its internal structure, the participation of the maximum number of members in decision making.

Providing effective leadership, valued membership services and member representation, NBNU is an organization that recognizes that progress is achieved by promoting and supporting social issues in solidarity with other labour organizations and community groups.

History of the New Brunswick Nurses Union

The history of the New Brunswick Nurses Union is captured in The Strength of One, written in 1994 by Arlee Hoyt McGee. It recounts the Union’s beginnings as the New Brunswick Nurses Provincial Collective Bargaining Council (NBNPCBC) and follows its progression through the years as NBNU worked to advance the interests of nurses throughout New Brunswick.


The mission of NBNU is to enhance the work-life, as well as, the social, economic and personal well-being of nurses.


NBNU is a professional, credible and respected voice for nurses and quality health care.


Equality – NBNU believes in the fundamental equal worth of all individuals and is guided by the principle of equality in its work on behalf of members.

Trust and Respect – NBNU believes trust and mutual respect are fundamental principles that guide its work and which it fosters among its membership.

Communication and Education – NBNU believes that knowledge confers power and that it has a responsibility to build this capacity into its work.

Accountability and Transparency – NBNU believes it must consistently demonstrate accountability and transparency to its members through regular reporting and monitoring of its activities.

Caring – NBNU believes that one of its unique differentiating factors is that it is the sole body that truly cares about nurses’ concerns.

Professional – NBNU believes it has a responsibility to take a broad systems view and resultantly carefully consider the impact of its actions upon patients and the quality of health care.

Unionism and Solidarity – NBNU believes it must always focus on achieving collective gains which are enabled by collective unity and solidarity.

Bilingual – NBNU values its linguistic diversity and offers all services in both official languages.

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